Email Marketing in Person(almost)

What is Email Marketing?

If you are not familier with the term them you must be familier with the terminology. Mass Emails/Emailers, Bulk Email, Email Blasts, Bulk email marketing, Email Campaigns are all synonyms of Email Marketing. However the scope of each term depends on the service provider.

According to Wikipedia definition every email sent to a potential or existing customer can be titled as Email Marketing in a broader sense.

It is a form of direct digital marketing that uses e-mail mode as the marketing channel. You can use it to acquire new customers, convert leads or communicate offers & other promotions.

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Why Email Marketing?

When you can market your brand to thousands of people (at the same time) with just a single click then Why not?

  1. Comparing other digital marketing channels, Emails are an easy way to reach mobile customers because they do not require much technology and anyway 55% of users open email in their mobile.
  2. Best cost effective way to keep customers informed and not just about promotional offers but also about products, Blog posts, Coupons and much more.
  3. Way better method to acquire new customers than cold calling. Because you will land yourself in your potential customer's inbox for at least a day, providing more information using graphic elements which will be retained longer.
  4. Email marketing is inexpensive. The number of leads it can generate for your business is nothing compared to your investment in Email Marketing.
Email Marketing Insights
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We have more than 7 years of experience in our expert areas. We do not just send emails for you but also inform you about the latest trends to form an efficient business strategy.

We design the most beautiful Email Campaigns suitable for every device with clear Call-to-Action buttons to generate maximum conversion from these campaigns.

We will suggest you from time to time, action to take now that will improve your open rate and conversion rate which will be based on the insights provided to you in form of Dashboards.

We always perform A/B testing of your content & subject line to segregate your lists for maximum impact on your recipients.

We also Integrate Newsletter Signups (free of cost) into your existing website to enable us to collect organic data of your highly convertible potential leads.

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