Website Development

Website Development

Choosing right developers for your website can be a tricky task especially when you have so many options available in the market. That is why we are here to make your search easier.

Using Web 2.0 tools like HTML5 and CSS3 we develop responsive - static and dynamic websites. According to google more Searches now on mobile than on desktop. Therefore it becomes essential to have a mobile & tablet ready website.

Within 3 seconds the subconscious of the visitor decides to either close the webpage or not. We design simple, compelling and most beautiful aesthetically correct websites that will help lure the visitor to your website again and again until he or she becomes your fan.

CMS Integration

CMS Development/

Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that provides capabilities to multiple users with different permission levels to manage the content of the website without the need to have any coding knowledge.

Joomla, Megento, Wordpress, Opencart ... are some of the most common CMSs used by the developers. As they are open source you can try them out yourself by downloading them from their respective websites and installing them on your WMAP/MMAP or get some FREE hosting space from us to do some experiments.

A CMS uses common programming languages like php, HTML, CSS and JS. An organization's success does not depend on CMS but choosing the wrong CMS will impact you. Despite the easily available themes and plugins every CMS need to be tailored as per company needs and that is where we modify thousands of files to suite your purpose.

"People Believe You because of What You Do. Not Because of What you Say"



If you are one of those people who think that you do not need analytics then its time to think again.

Your website analytics will help you understand which verticals are more preferred by the visitors and which are least preferred. Questions like Which is the most unpopular page on your website? Demographics of the visitors which includes age, gender, location to help you remarket them, Traffic sources to identify how your Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads are performing and many more questions are answered by our deep analytic reports.

We not only give you reports in the form of Dashboards but also give you insights of the Heat Maps, User flow etc to help you align your websites goals with the strategic objective of your organisation.

SEO Digital Marketing

SEO & Digital Marketing

If your developer tells you to get your website developed first and then he or she will make it Search Engine Friendly then RUN in the opposite direction.

Our Search Engine Optimisation begins with the first line of code but does not end with the last line. In the development process itself we code webpages in such a way so that search engine Crawlers are able to crawl them easily. Like using meta tags, Alt tags, Global Variables and many more.

Search's on your business name gives your business website results but getting your website rank higher in unpaid (organic) search results takes much persistence. That is why we give you 360o solution, Email Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising which includes Google AdWords, Facebook & Twitter Ads, thus shaping your company's image online.

Answering you question how do we do that?, we do it by generating organic content. Yes, no matter either you are B2B or B2C or C2C, internet never sleeps so why should your marketing? To keep visitors engaged and also due to limitation of the content on a website, Blogs advertise company's knowledge about the industry as a whole and the product they deal in.

We do this to help people get comfortable with your brand. And a customer who has followed you for many months will be more likely to buy from you than a new potential sales qualified lead. Connecting your blog with Social Media helps you in generating more leads which can be easily converted into actual customers.

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